Why iBUX?

iBUX is your perfect partner for a seamless experience. Whether it is the next-gen services or smart products, you are headed right with iBUX by your side!

Niche offerings

The team at iBUX is driven to excel and is passionate about success. With a vision to stay at the frontiers of high-technology, iBUX always wins.


We at iBUX Business Solutions provide cutting-edge digital solutions and innovative products to our patrons. We strive to create value for our clients by developing and promoting websites that assists them to scale their business.

  • Alluring website designs that appeal well to the audiences.
  • Ingenious digital marketing services that will excel.
  • Deliberating on integrating AI to our services to stay updated.
  • Innovative aesthetically-designed products that adds value.
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  • Web design services in Bangalore
  • Web design services in Bangalore
  • Software development company

Web Design Services

Website is the first thing that introduces audiences to your company. We provide beautifully-designed websites with captivating content that compels them to learn more about your business.

  • Attractive web design that makes an indelible good impression in their mind.
  • Engaging content that holds the attention of the audience and
  • intrigues them to know more about the company.

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Website development company

Digital marketing Service

iBUX is providing a gamut of digital marketing services that will assist the clients to utilize digital platforms for promoting their products and services.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Social Media Optimization (SMO)
  • Content Marketing
  • Email Marketing
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Graphic Designing

Graphic design is a process of enhancing the way of visual presentation of any service, product, brochures, websites and others through its Branding, Ad campaigns, promotions, Packaging, Logo Design, Animations, and other visual effects. iBUX transforms the imagination into reality for the desired visuals with a team expert graphic designers.

  • Logo Design
  • Brand kit
  • Animation
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Web development
Digital Solutions

App Development

App Development is a process of developing customised applications for mobile devices and other platforms. iBUX with its proficient programmers, specializes in developing mobile applications for Android and iOS platforms. .

  • Android - Use the full suite of tools for the most popular OS for mobile devices.
  • iOS - With Apple devices ruling the market for usability, iBUX has you covered
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Content marketing

iBUX has a pool of content writers with professional writing skills. They assist in developing engaging content for online users. iBUX delivers a great variety of stellar services required to drive organic traffic to your website and generate leads.

  • iBUX offers assistance for quality blogs.
  • Content quality is never a compromise.
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Happy Clients


  • The services offered by iBux helped us overcome our inherent roadblocks. iBux enabled us to focus on the domains rather than getting stuck by nitty-gritty of internals.
    John Steinfeld
  • When I first approached iBux, I immediately recognized the talent they had to offer. To this day I always reach out to them if I need anything innovative.
    Sanjay Singh
  • Digital Marketing! Web Designing! Cool Graphics!....with so many offerings iBux is truly leading the game. Yes, content marketing too I reach out to iBux.
    Sahana Sharma
  • I badly needed to refurbish my blogging site with great content. Was on the lookout for great enterprises. Saw the credentials of iBux and it really worked!
  • My company was newly established and we needed a seamless digital marketing campaign. We needed the cutting edge strategy and not just plain old fashioned. Lucky for me, iBux was bang on.
    Gerald Howitzer
  • I was spellbound at iX Live Music pair of earphones. I wanted a rough and tough earphones for my daily commute and I was more than happy with the product’s performance.
    Evelyn Joy
  • I have used iBux products for a while now and can only praise them for their cost-effectiveness and efficiency.
    Ravi Reddy
  • The iX Rugged cable was all that I could have asked for. I am a person on the go and my previous cables were fragile. iBux product really made my day and my career!
    Sam Smith
  • Thumbs up to iX Codage. I am now looking forward for iBux solution offerings also.
    Dheeraj Bhandari
  • The first thing that struck me was the technical expertise of iBux. Their team has potential innovators who delivered a top-notch digital marketing solution for my firm.
    Ashish Jain
  • I did not want to spend too much on chargers. iBux chargers helped me with quality and price.
    Venkat Iyengar
  • When I interacted with the team at iBux, I was fully confident they could pull off my 3D animation needs. My expectations were exceeded!
  • My clients have reported their joy using the website designed by iBux. Thank you.
    Sheryl Gonzalves
  • iBux’s superlative services assisted us in surmounting hurdles regarding traffic generation. Since then we have always relied on iBux for digital marketing solutions
    Ashish Bhattacharjee
  • iBux has substantially assisted us in streamlining our website content which resulted in converting visitors to our websites into leads
    Rajveer Singh
  • I have been using a few of iBux’s products until now. Though I was skeptical at the beginning about whether I should go for the brand or not; the superior performance of these products have erased all my doubts.
    Priyanka Roy
  • iX Rugged cable is a perfect companion for someone like me who is always on the move and needs a robust cable that does not get torn easily.
    Joseph Hays
  • iX Live Music is a fantastic product worth every bit of your money. It is an amazing blend of clarity and bass.
  • iBux Safari is one of those gadgets that is a must for your car if you want to charge your device quickly while traveling. I have been using it and till now very satisfied with its performance.
    Vinod Chaturvedi
  • I am writing this after using the iX Matrix for quite some time now. It is both funky and of high quality.
    Neha Sharma
  • With the world slowly orienting to great visual experiences, I was particular that my graphics assets looked drop dead gorgeous! iBux delivered!
    Jessica Shears
  • I had not heard about iBux products till I stumbled upon them in retailer website. They immediately caught my attention for a robust build. Now I literally depend on them.
    Ganesh Shinde
  • I needed to build a great presence for my business online. My business was small and needed resources to scale. I trusted iBux to deliver from ground up including website design and digital marketing. iBux made it clear that even though they took time, they delivered the best service.
    Nathan Coleman