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Digital Marketing, What iBUX has to offer

Finding the right digital marketing agency in Bangalore is an arduous task, leave aside finding an excellent digital marketing agency in India. A digital marketing company should have competent and skilled professionals who can provide practical solutions to the patrons for taking their business to the next level with the help of effective digital marketing services.

With the advent of the booming mobile technology industry, digital marketing has become a potent tool for promoting and advertising your brand. Many companies are now emerging all across India to cater to this need.

Digitalization has increased the importance of digital marketing significantly. Bangalore is no exception, with many digital marketing companies coming up catering to the needs of both national and international clients with their digital marketing services.

iBUX, a digital marketing agency in Bangalore, is emerging as a prominent digital marketing agency, which is providing a gamut of services all across the country. With its proficient services, it would become the best digital marketing company in Bangalore.

iBUX, with its services, is assisting brands in reaching out to the audience who spend much of their time online. There is an array of strategies as a digital marketing agency in India that iBUX is employing to reach out to the customers.

iBUX has all the necessary ingredients that could make it a formidable digital marketing agency in Bangalore. A digital marketing company should have some unique strategies in its arsenal that could set it apart from its rivals who are providing digital marketing services.

Digital marketing agency

To elaborate on a few platform offerings -

  1. Search Engine Optimization: Search Engine Optimization is a tactic used by a digital marketing company to optimize your website to rank it higher in the search engine. Every digital marketing company in India and across the world employs this strategy to increase the number of organic traffic to your website.
  2. Content Marketing: iBUX is having a bunch of skilled content writers who are providing useful, relevant, and engaging content, creating brand awareness, lead generation, and traffic generation.
  3. Social Media Marketing: A digital marketing company uses social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram to promote the brand with the help of intriguing content. The promotion results in brand awareness, augmenting traffic growth and lead generation.
  4. Pay Per Click (PPC): PPC is the method of increasing traffic to your website by paying the publishers whenever your ad gets clicked. Google Ads is one of the standard PPC which enables a user to pay and get ranked top in google search results.
  5. Affiliate Marketing: Affiliate marketing is a type of advertisement in which you get paid for promoting someone else’s offerings on your website.
  6. Native Advertising: Native Advertising is a content-led non-paid form of promoting a product where it gets featured alongside other advertisements. Facebook and Instagram advertising are two examples of native advertising.
  7. Marketing Automation: Marketing Automation is the process of using software for the automation of marketing operations.
  8. Email Marketing: Email Marketing, used for communicating with the audience, promotes content, discounts, and events. For directing the traffic to the website, email marketing is handy.
  9. Inbound Marketing: Inbound Marketing is a marketing technique where you try to engage the audience and gratify them at every step.

iBUX, as a digital marketing agency in Bangalore, is helping brands across India to drive brand awareness and generating leads by utilizing all media channels-both paid and free. It is evolving as a digital marketing company in India that encompasses a wide range of digital marketing services that can be availed by both large and small businesses.

Why is Digital Marketing Important?

Any digital marketing enables marketers to ascertain results in real-time. If you had advertised in newspapers, it is impossible to find out how many people have viewed the same. On the contrary, digital marketing has measured any aspect of marketing endeavor.

Some of the examples are:

Website Traffic: Digital marketing enables marketers to precisely figure out the number of people who have viewed their website’s homepage with the help of digital analytics software. The digital analytics data will show the number of audiences who saw the webpages, the device that they were using, among others. This intelligence will assist you in focusing on channels that are driving traffic to your website. For example, if most of the traffic to your website is coming from organic search, you will know that you need to focus more on SEO to get the most out of it. It is hard through traditional marketing, find out how people are interacting with your brand, unless and until they communicate with the salesperson or purchase the product. On the other hand, digital marketing provides insights on trends and buying behavior of the people.

Digital marketing agency

Lead generation through Content Development: Suppose you have created content in the form of a brochure and used an offline medium to make it available to the audience. It is impossible to find out how many people have gone through it and how many have just ignored it. However, when you upload that brochure on your website, you can find out exactly how many people viewed the webpage where it is featured. Attribution Model: With the combination of the right tools and technologies, you can find out how people research and buy your product. It will help you in knowing areas of marketing that needs attention. To summarize, with such advanced offerings, digital marketing services is on a trajectory to supersede traditional marketing strategies.